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    Ike is your personal data scientist powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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I’m your data scientist powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Email me questions about company data and metrics.
Questions can be about Web applications, mobile applications, or both.
I’ll analyze your Google Analytics and email you answers.

How It Works

Place ‘Aloha Ike’ in the 
subject line of an email

Email Ike a question

Ike emails you the answer to your question

How It Works Email Ike

Ask Ike Questions. Grow Your Business.

How Customers Find Your Site

Example: Ike, what keywords did people use to find my site last week?


Example: Ike, how many conversions did I have last week?

Conversion Rate

Example: Ike, what was my conversion rate from 10.01.15 – 12.31.15?

Popular Products

Example: Ike, what product pages were most viewed today?

Performance Summary

Example: Ike, can I have a summary of my most important January 2016 data points?

Much More!

What Google Analytics questions will you ask Ike?

Who Uses Ike?

E-commerce Store Owners

Online Marketers

Growth Hackers

Startup Founders


Product Managers

Chief Revenue Officers

Web and Mobile Application Entrepreneurs

Is Ike easy to set-up?

Heck yes! In fact, it takes just a couple minutes to add Ike to your team, and it can be done with zero technical knowhow.

Is Ike inexpensive?

Free is as inexpensive as it gets! 
Ike is free for one person per company. Then compared to the cost of hiring a data scientist, Ike saves over 11,700% annually for a team of five!

Get Ike today for free!

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